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FTTH drop cable

FTTH drop cable

Product Detail


cable structure:


Product Description
FTTH self-supporting optical cable installed outdoors, because the surface of the hot stamping or inkjet printing will gradually fade with the use of time, it is difficult to distinguish different optical cables after installation for a certain period of time, to the optical cable The maintenance brings difficulties and affects the normal use of the cable.
1. Make the cable more recognizable.
2. It will not fade like printing due to external influence.
3. Make the installation operation more easier.

1. Used in access network or as access cable from outdoor to indoor in customer premises network;
2. Used as access building cable in premises distribution system, especially used in indoor or outdoor aerial access cabling.

structure and technical parameters



Cable Size(mm)

Cable Weigh


Tensile Strength

 Long/Short Term(N)

Crush Resistanc

 Long/Short Term(N//100mm)

Bending Radius 




GJYXFCH-1B6a2 (2.0±0.1)x(5.0±0.3)     18.9    300/600    1000/2000    15/30    -20~+60
GJYXFCH-2B6a2 (2.0±0.1)x(5.0±0.3)     18.9    300/600    1000/2000    15/30    -20~+60
GJYXCH-1B6a2 (2.0±0.1)x(5.0±0.3)     21    300/600    1000/200    15/30    -20~+60
GJYXCH-2B6a2 (2.0±0.1)x(5.0±0.3)     21    300/600    1000/2200    15/30    -20~+60

 Note: Then bending radius is only applicable to the ordinary Bow-Type drop cable without suspension wire part.


Delivery Length


Standard Reel Length :1000m/roll and 2000m/roll; Other length available on request.